Want to find amazing, talented beauty professionals

in L.A.?

We want to introduce you to them.

Formosi is a Los Angeles-based marketing agency that provides services for professionals in the beauty and wellness industry.

"Good Looks"

Formosi is derived from the Latin term for “good looks”. Looking good goes beyond outward appearance: it’s about reputation. From our customers to our clients, we wanted a name that embodies our mission: achieving beauty and personally connecting customers and professionals.

Blazing the Trail

How do we find the rock star pros we promote? We listen to you, the client. You’ve told us the traits you want – stylish, punctual, professional, talented, caring (to name a few) and that’s exactly who you’re going to meet. Via our exclusive, local promotions you’ll get to experience incredible services with incredible professionals.

Formosi Careers

Formosi is more than a job: it’s a lifestyle. Our team is made up of people committed to doing what they love and enjoying the ride.

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Our Beliefs

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” – Gordon A. Eadie

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Formosi Impact

We believe in creating a positive change in the beauty and wellness industry in Los Angeles.

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Our Story

Our company was born, as most are, out of necessity. But ours was also born out of fire and angel tears.

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Training and Support

Our Formosi team will come to your location and provide on-site coaching for beauty and wellness professionals. With topics including Client Retention and Enhancing the Customer Experience, you’ll be fully versed to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

What We Do

Our Services

Voucher Campaigns

Whether you’re a hair stylist, esthetician, yoga instructor or cosmetic nurse, Formosi’s EVC (Exclusive Voucher Campaign) puts your talent in front of your untapped, local community. Think of us as giving your potential customers a personal referral.

Development and Education

As  beauty and wellness professional, it’s not enough to be a master if your craft; you also have to be business savvy! Sign up to attend our workshops and education classes to learn more about trending topics: Social Media for Stylists, Growing Your Business with a Cell Phone: Technology for the Beauty Industry, and Chairside Manner: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Clients.

Consulting and Coaching

Whether it’s running your business or attracting new clients, our team knows what’s effective in hundreds of other locations in Los Angeles. Questions about Formosi? You’ll always get a personal, human response to your inquiries. We pull from our 15 year’s experience, as well as the thousands of consumers we network with on a monthly basis, to provide you the best insight possible.

What's Happening

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