Our Story

We began as a group of beauty and wellness enthusiasts in Westwood Village, CA circa 2003. After hearing one of our hair stylist friends ponder how she could boost her clientele, one of our founding fathers offered the extremely original solution, “Hand out your business card!”

“How’s she supposed to do that? She’s in the salon all day.”

This, it turned out, was not a new dilemma for beauty and wellness professionals. Without a bullhorn, hidden gems remained hidden. It was, however, one we could help with. We started telling everyone we knew about our talented friend, and enticing them with a complimentary service to sweeten the deal.

And it worked…fast.  Our natural love of networking paired well with promoting our favorite hairstylist. Getting new clients in the door was easy. The majority of people we talked to were new to the area and didn’t have their ‘people’ yet, or they were unhappy with their current professional. And everyone was surprisingly chatty about their experiences, their professionals, and their hopes and dreams for their hair, skin, and bodies. We were collecting intel, and simply offering an alternative.

Soon our hairstylist friend’s hairstylist friends began asking her secret for gaining new clients. Then word got out, and more hair stylists contacted us. We started hearing from med spas. Chiropractors. Cosmetic nurses. Yoga instructors. In the same word-of-mouth way that Formosi was promoting clients, so our clients were referring us to their colleagues. We were sorting through for the best beauty and wellness professionals in Los Angeles, and professionally referring them new clients.

And we called ourselves Formosi.