Frequently Asked Questions

Have you purchased an Exclusive Formosi Voucher, or received one as a gift?
Our FAQ answers the customer questions we hear on a daily basis.

Exclusive Voucher Customers

How do I use my Exclusive Formosi Voucher?

Simply call the merchant’s phone numbers that are listed on the voucher, let them know you bought a Formosi Voucher, and schedule your services. Remember to bring your physical voucher with to your appointments so you can redeem your services!

My dog ate my voucher! What do I do?

You’ll need a voucher to redeem your services. Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

What services do I get with my Formosi Voucher?

Your Exclusive Formosi Voucher includes all of the services listed inside, as well as the bonus offers and upgrades.

Does my Formosi Voucher expire?

While the amount you paid for the voucher never expires, you have six months from your purchase date to redeem your services at the promotional value.

Can I purchase more Formosi Vouchers for family and friends?

As our Formosi Vouchers are Exclusive, this will vary based on the voucher you purchased. Contact us for more information.

Who can use a Formosi Voucher?

To use a Formosi Voucher, you must be a California resident who has not patronized the businesses featured on the voucher for at least one year and is medically approved to receive all the services offered. This applies whether you have purchased the Formosi Voucher or received it as a gift.