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  • Priceless: Determining How to Price Your Haircuts

    So you just started at a new salon and you’re ready to hit the ground running. You have the skills, the equipment, the wit, and the determination. There’s only one thing left before you practice the art of cutting hair: prices! It’s simple: in order to find the fairest and efficient way of pricing haircuts, […]

  • First day of SUMMER!

    It’s the first day of summer, and we’re all swept up in how to stun the next 90 days! Summer is full of beautiful occasions. From graduations and weddings to 4th of July and all the ensuing beach days and barbecues, it’s a time of celebration and we want you to look your best.

    Here are […]

  • Cuckoo for Coconut Oil

    We’re sure you are all familiar with the “get you a girl that can do both” trend blasting all over social media. Well, have you heard of the beauty product that can do it ALL?! Coconut oil is literally everything you could ever want and more… in a jar. Who knew you could have it […]

  • On Trend: Fanny Pack Fantastic

    Festival season has sprung, your outfits have been meticulously chosen to look immaculately disheveled, but what about the essentials? Carting around a large purse at any all-day festival/fair/outdoor event is a drag. Your new best friend?  The Fanny Pack- and it’s officially back. Dance and vibe the day away with free hands, because not only […]

  • Tis’ The Season!

    It’s that special time of year when magic is in the air, soiree’s happen every weekend and we’re all preparing for the New Year. Here are a few holiday themed tricks to gain exposure for new clients, dazzle your current clients and get yourself a head start for the New Year.

    1. “Holiday” Service: This […]

  • The Formosi Guide to Sunless Tanner

    Sporting a golden, glowing tan doesn’t have to mean hours of laying in the sun or baking in the tanning booth. Achieve a bronzed bod from the comfort of our own home with some of our favorite self-tanners.

    Tanceuticals: 100% organic and nourishing for the skin.


    TanTowel Self-Tan Towelettes: Is there anything easier than a self tanning towelette? […]

  • While the common phrase, “Familiarity breeds contempt” is a clear statement about how too much of the same thing will leave a person with a negative bias, our brave and fearless leader most recently coined his own take: Chillax breeds content.

    What does that mean? Is Chillax actually a word, or frat boy slang? It matters […]

  • Wet and Wild

    From Jennifer Lopez to Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid, celebrities are diving head first into the wet hair look (…see what we did there?). We’ve got some tips and tricks to get you looking like an A-lister while trying out this trend.

    Avoid Gels and Oils – shocking, we know, but the goal is wet, […]

  • Nailin’ It

    Beautiful nails don’t just happen. Enter Soh Art + Beauty, a beauty mecca for nail body and hair. It’s not exactly down the street with a sole location in Dubai, nor is it budget-friendly at $75 for a classic manicure, but we get excited for all things gorgeous so maybe it’d be worth the trip and […]